Jerusalem Science Declaration

Make Science Not War

We, the signatories, are people of different national origins, creeds and convictions.

We all firmly believe that human progress is deeply linked to further advances in science and technology. We are truly convinced that science is a force for good which enables us to solve many of mankind’s most pressing challenges. We believe that huge opportunities will arise from future science and technology efforts. Yet we are also very well aware of the responsibility and accountability we bear for the new technologies that are realized.

We call on all nations, societies and organizations to devote more resources to the advancement of science and technology. We encourage the international community to join forces in battling debilitating diseases, ensuring sufficient food for a growing world population, stopping the destruction of our environment, and engaging in joint endeavors to elucidate the secrets this fascinating universe holds.

The goal is to collect 1 million signatures. The declaration with that support will then be widely published and brought to the attention of governments and relevant decision making bodies all over the world. The aim is to shape public opinion, to create a global movement resulting in a boost for research and development, in an increased attraction of bright young talents to science and technology and in general in an optimistic, utopian outlook to ensure the technologies required for a bright and sustainable future are made available in time.

Nothing shall be impossible.

Jerusalem Science Declaration